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We are excited to provide you with a comprehensive list of skatepark lesson locations.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced skater seeking to master new tricks, these skateparks offer the perfect environment for honing your skills.

Take a look at our curated selection of skatepark lesson locations below

Jefferson Park Skatepark

3801 Beacon Avenue South

4 AM and 11:30 PM, 7 days a week.

The Jefferson Park Skatepark has something for every skater. At one end of the park, there is a large bowl with a mellow shallow end and a deep end that includes some vert sections. There is also a section with quarter pipes, handrails, ledges, a-frames, manny pads, and a bird bath in the center. On the other end of the park is the Red Bull Skate Space, which caters to a slightly more advanced skater, looking to practice some tricks.

Marginal Way Skatepark

1099 SW Hanford Street

It is accessible 24/7

The Marginal Way Skatepark is an impressive DIY, which means it was made by hand by dedicated skaters. It’s made up of multiple bowls connected together through various transition elements. There are mellower bowls as well as ones with vert sections. Covered in art and graffiti, it resembles the legendary Burnside Park in Portland, Oregon.

Lower Woodland Skatepark

East Green Lake Way and N 54th Street

It is accessible 24/7

Lower Woodland Skatepark is a well-laid out park that combines transition and street skateboarding sections. It has two large bowls with significant vert sections. Plus there are two smaller half-bowls connected with a spine for skaters who might not be ready for the vert bowl. The street section is large and has multiple levels connected by banks and stair sets. The street section has multiple stair sets, ledges, a-frames, euro gaps, quarter pipes, and handrails.

At our skatepark lesson locations, we prioritize safety and ensure that all lessons are conducted by experienced instructors who are passionate about skateboarding. Whether you are an aspiring pro or simply looking to have fun and improve your skills, our lessons cater to skaters of all ages and experience levels.

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